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FlaminGO! – The App for your stay in Phuket

Nov 9, 2017 | App Development

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FlaminGO! The Phuket APP

FlaminGO! The Phuket App is about to air in just a few more days. Exciting news are coming to Phuket, to all its businesses, locals, expats and visitors alike.

This is not just any App. It allows you to hold the whole beauty of Phuket right in the palm of your hand. But first thing first.

LAUNCH IN 3,2,1…

Since our launch is about to happen this November 15th – 2017, we’d like to give you a bit more insight in what is about to come – what is in store for you as a user of this great opportunity and what help in your daily life this FlaminGO! App really is!

We’re proud to announce that the FlaminGO! App now also comes with a dedicated chat for its users, businesses and end-users alike. What does it mean for you? It means that you can get in touch with us and the customers (or businesses) almost 24/7.

The new App will give you access to a wide array of services and offers, all relevant all genuine and constantly updated. Practically all you’d ever need to know about visit, or experience – you’ll find it right here in this App.
Whether it is Daytime or nightlife activities, accommodation, restaurants, shopping, sports activities, real estate agents and offices, health and beauty services, public services – it’s all in this powerful App.

Update: FlaminGO! The Phuket App is now available on Android and iOS store.

Sign up today – get listed

Signing up as a business on the FlaminGO! App takes only a few minutes and instantly opens up to world of new possibilities. Choose among the package that fits your business the most, follow the onscreen procedures and you’re set to get listed in the App! That’s how easy it is!

As a listed business, you can include a main header, add a short description about your business, add pictures, social links, contact information and a map location in our Basic package.

Professionals choose the Professional package

If you’re in need of more pictures and direct contact to millions of potential customers, then the Professional package is the perfect opportunity for you.
– If that’s not quite enough for you yet, and you’ll be in need of more pictures of your location, and even like to add a booking form to the profile, then the Premium package is your choice to aim for! There is a package for every business, big and small.

By registering your business to this App you’ll be represented 24/7, in multiple languages and be enjoying an array of advertising we’ll carry out in order to get our App seen by relevant target audiences coming to, or living in Phuket and its surrounding. Don’t keep wasting your advertising budget on old-fashioned marketing measures – come join the future with us.

The App is provided to you in both English, Chinese, Russian and Thai language on both iOs and Android.

We categorise all the business properly in different sections, and for this we divided also in packages in base how you much you want to be present in the application. No more ranking reviews that in many portals use with fake accounts.

Would you like to join us? Become part of the FlaminGO! family by signing up today!

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