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Crazy Web Studio – you dream it, we make it a reality!

Mar 9, 2020 | News, Web Design

✚ Crazy Web Studio – you dream it, we make it a reality! ✚

You may have heard about us, you may have seen our logo somewhere, you may have heard one of our pitches but if you live in Phuket, chances are that you’ve at least seen one of our websites in action, one that we’ve developed for one of our clients.

At Crazy Web Studio, we don’t only design, develop and promote nice websites for local and global businesses, we do so by considering every aspect of the business of the individual clients we work with. In other words, we think outside the box, so you possibly can allocate new and untapped possibilities you didn’t yet think of.

Crazy Web Studio was founded in March 2011 by Andrea Buosi with the idea to involve a group of young and talented developers, graphics designers and social communication enthusiasts in a web agency dedicated to providing a range of internet-related services focused on customers. In these years the CWS team delivered innovative and reliable solutions to a worldwide range of customers both on technical and marketing aspects.

You see, we build our business on trust, we thrive on our customers’ satisfaction, we engage in healthy communications, good dialogues and we offer flexibility and a passion for everything that we lay our hands-on. Whatever your requirement or need as long as it is online, we can achieve it.

You need a new website? You’ve come to the right place. You need to develop a new app? Perhaps a new business brand identity? We’re here to help. No matter your need we solve it with passion and spice it with experience and a go-to attitude that’s not taking any breaks, not before, during and especially not after the sale. With Crazy Web Studio, you have a company that is with you, always, whenever needed, no matter the project.

Big or small, we help you solve it all!

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