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How Much a Website costs in Phuket?

Jan 19, 2020 | News, Web Design

How much a website costs? A fortune, you think? What exactly do you even get for this money?

Well, those are fair questions, which we keep hearing repeatedly. Check our Special offer for a soft start to the digital world!

How much does a website cost?

That depends really. Just like with cars, you can either go with the good old Fiat or the Lamborghini. It depends on the goal you’re trying to achieve really! For some, a one-page website is what achieves the target – for others, it would rather need to be a fully-fledged Commerce solution!

What do you get for the money?

With our SPECIAL OFFER, for ONLY 15,000 THB you’ll get a one-page responsive website which is easy to navigate with desktop, tablet and mobile devices – one that editable by you including links to all your social profiles, like Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor.

You’ll also receive basic SEO and speed optimization to make the website easily indexed by search engines!

There’s more!

Modern web design that adapts to any device.

Link to all your social profiles, like Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor.

Website editable by you! A very easy way to change images and text directly on the page you are looking to, using a powerful visual builder. This mean you will be able to edit all your website, without need of additional external help.

Basic SEO and speed optimization to make the website fast and easily indexed by search engines.

Include also:
✓ 1 Domain
✓ 1 Dedicated Email
✓ 1 Year Hosting


✓ A complete one-page mobile responsive website based on WordPress
✓ Designed to graphically match your brand/business
✓ Optimized for usability and speed
✓ Contact Form Integration to receive customer enquiry directly
✓ Google Maps Integration to show your business location
✓ Installation of Analytics plugin that allows you to track your website traffic
✓ Installation of SEO Plugin – Optimizes your website for Search Engines

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