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We’re still here for you! – Covid19

Apr 4, 2020 | News, Web Design

We’re still here for you! 

In these tough and challenging times, where the COVID-19 pandemic is occupying our very thoughts and minds, we at Crazy Web Studio in Phuket, are very much aware of the ongoing challenges for companies from near and far.
In fact, since the pandemic has been slowly crawling towards its peak, we have been working hard and dedicated to helping companies cope with the struggles of low to no sales and the descending of business in general.
Especially those of our customers that haven’t yet made the switch to digitalism, have indeed struggled – and keep struggling until we one day can return to normal!

Although our team also is confined to our office and homes, we still do everything in our power to help businesses succeed and prosper – now – and the time after the pandemic!

How is your business holding out in these challenging times? 

To get through these tough times, and to prepare for the time after the end of the crisis, we can help you with tasks like:

Newsletter Management
Social Media Management
Website Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Content Management
3D Design & Rendering

With our help, you can use this time to rebuild, rebrand and restructure your online-business. We gladly aid you with the implementation of your new and improved business plan! This is the absolute best time to shed new light on your company from different perspectives.

Feel free to get in touch with us, so we can help get you started! We’d gladly work on your business in your name, helping you reach and engage with potential and existing customers, and ultimately, to strengthen your brand!

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