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We Attracted Phuket News Attention

Aug 3, 2022

The significant milestone of 10 years in business for Crazy Web Studio attracted the attention of local media as the company’s celebrations were featured in the

Phuket News, the most popular local news source in Phuket.

Having started out in 2012, we were extremely proud to celebrate 10 years of being Thailand’s only fully foreign owned web design business in July 2022. We couldn’t let this huge milestone pass without a party and arranged an event at the stunning Patong Sunset View restaurant to mark the occasion and provide a well-earned treat for our highly talented team which was fully covered by the Phuket News.

Cited as “the leading Web Company in Phuket”, the Phuket News praised our team as “some of the most skilled and experienced teams that would rival any online development companies in Thailand.” We certainly agree with that sentiment and couldn’t be prouder of the team we have gathered that have helped us serve some of the biggest clients in Thailand and many important entities around the world.

However, Crazy Web Studio is about much more than just web design and we assist our clients with a full service for managing their online presence and marketing. In addition to website development, we provide brand management, social media services, digital marketing, and SEO. Most importantly, as mentioned in the Phuket News we “have never taken shortcuts or adopted “black hat” practices”, something we are extremely proud of as we build success and high ROI for our clients.

Over the past 10 years, we have discovered something of a reluctance for Thai businesses to venture away from e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Shopee, eBay, and Amazon. One our biggest challenges in entering the Thai market was to demonstrate the benefits of developing a custom e-commerce store away from third-party websites.

Our expertise and knowledge of platforms such as WooCommerce and Shopify has assisted even the most traditional Thai brands with creating their very own e-commerce platform. The Phuket News described our company as “never adopt(ing) a “one size fits all strategy” which sums up our services perfectly. Every client is offered a completely bespoke service with Crazy Web Studio, a strategy that is part of our overall success.

Crazy Web Studio 10 Years Anniversary 32
CEO & Founder – Andrea Buosi | CTO & CoFounder Marco Ragogna
Crazy Web Studio 10 Years Anniversary 13

Crazy Web Studio Team and partners 

Breaking into the Thai market with this vision lay the foundation for what we have become over the past 10 years. Our innovation over the past decade has launched numerous brands to extreme heights and success. We were among the first web developers in Thailand to understand the growth of smartphones and the necessity of developing mobile-friendly websites that could be enjoyed on small devices seamlessly. Today, more than 80% of website visits come from mobile devices.

We also pioneered the use of e-commerce websites in Thailand while the idea of e-commerce website development was still in its infancy in this country. From branding a website to providing companies with the ability to sell their products on their own terms rather than paying commissions to large e-commerce platforms, our strategies have now become a standard in the industry.

However, at Crazy Web Studio we are never satisfied and are already innovating for the next 10 years of web development in Thailand and worldwide.
As quoted by our CEO, Andrea Buosi, in the Phuket News:

“No sooner had the celebrations finished, we were already looking to the next ten years and beyond.”

If you would like to talk about developing your brand and e-commerce website, we would love to chat with you. Contact us today and see how we can launch your business online with limitless possibilities.


Consider to read the full article from The Phuket News here:

Crazy Web Studio Celebrates 10 Years


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