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Issara Unveiled: Mastering Restaurant Website Design

Mar 25, 2024

Take a look at our recent project for Issara Restaurant, setting a high mark in restaurant website design and achieving 400+ booking requests in just 3 months.

00 Issara

Issara Stands Out in Phuket’s Food Scene

Nestled in Phuket’s vibrant culinary scene, Issara Restaurant & Bar is not just known for its outstanding cuisine but now also for its online presence. Thanks to the skilled team at Crazy Web Studio, Issara is proud to present a custom WordPress website that elevates the standard for restaurant web design, reflecting their distinct vision.

Custom Design Meets Culinary Art

Our journey with Issara was about creating more than just a website. It was about understanding Issara’s spirit—a place where exceptional food and the tranquility of nature come together. Our team built a custom WordPress site from scratch, focusing on a design that reflects the restaurant’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Discover Issara’s Story Online

The Issara website is a digital window into their culinary world, inviting visitors to explore a place where taste and creativity unite. This project underlines the value of custom web design for restaurants, featuring an easy-to-navigate layout that takes you through Issara’s narrative, menu, and the team behind it all.

Restaurant Website Design Issara Restaurant Food
Issara Restaurant Nikola

Engaging Visitors with a Sensory Experience

We aimed to captivate the senses with striking visuals and engaging stories, much like the Issara dining experience. The website boasts high-quality images of the food, in-depth descriptions of the menu, and introduces the people who bring it to life, Chef Nikola and mixologist Filip, making the online visit as welcoming as the restaurant itself.

Innovations on the Menu

In the world of restaurant websites, how the menu is presented is crucial. Issara’s website shines with a comprehensive display of their culinary creations, highlighting dishes like Blue Crab Cakes and Wagyu beef that blend Thai tastes with worldwide culinary skills.

Digital Enhancements to Enrich Dining

Recognizing how today’s diners prefer to engage online, we added features like a booking form and chat option to Issara’s website. These tools greatly increased engagement with potential guests, as seen by the remarkable 250+ bookings and 150+ chat inquiries in the first 3 months after the website launch.

Email Booking Issara Restaurant
Chat Booking Issara Restaurant

A Game Changer

Choosing to develop Issara’s website with WordPress, fully customized, meant we delivered not just a visually appealing site but a highly functional one too. This strategy created a distinctive online space that matches Issara’s brand and operational needs, showcasing the power of custom web development to improve business performance.

Real Success Seen in Engagement

The real achievement of Issara’s website is evident in its engagement stats since going live. The booking and chat features, designed specifically for Issara, have made the reservation process smoother and enhanced customer service, leading to an impressive tally of bookings and queries.

Customer Review

As an Expat living and working in Phuket for the past 10 years – this guys are no1, without a doubt.

They were my choice for my business’s website.

Website took one week to build, from first contact to launch. Very responsive, professional and very well organised.

Thank you team Crazy Web, Andrea & Marco!

Nikola Lesar

Owner, Issara Restaurant Phuket

Nikola Lesar, the owner of Issara Restaurant, alongside Andrea Buosi, the owner of Crazy Web Studio, highlights the collaborative effort behind this success.

Issara Restaurant Owner Nikola Lasar With Andrea Buosi Owner Of Crazy Web Studio

Final Thoughts

The Issara Restaurant & Bar website is a shining example of how custom WordPress development can transform a restaurant’s online presence. Built with careful attention and a deep understanding of Issara’s needs, the site is a testament to Crazy Web Studio’s dedication to digital excellence. More than just building a website, we’ve created an online experience that matches the culinary finesse of Issara, inviting every visitor on a digital journey that captures the essence of their dining experience, setting a new benchmark in restaurant website design.

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