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18 BRAND STRATEGY & ARCHITECTURE Make great things with your company

Brand Strategy
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Brand strategy.

What is brand architecture? Take a step back for a moment and try to imagine yourself looking at your own organization from the eyes of your customer. Is it clear how the various brand, product and service offerings fit together? Or is there an opportunity to improve the brand architecture to generate clarity, synergy and leverage? A clear strategic approach to portfolio management can help define how to structure the various brands and products to achieve these objectives.

Brand architecture is defined as the logical, strategic and relational structure for all brands in the portfolio. A key concept of brand architecture strategy is that customers relate to brands at different levels — for example, a corporate (or master brand), endorsed brands, product brands and product descriptors.
This allows an organization to create a brand portfolio that appeals to distinct segments or needs states.

As a leading brand strategy firm, we at Crazy Web Studio in Phuket, Thailand, use proven brand architecture models, templates and processes to reduce complexity, brand overlap and costs.

Our brand architecture and strategy services include

Target specific customer segments:

Breaking your architecture down into segments helps you to refine your services and messaging so that you can connect with a very specific group of customers. This ensures that your marketing efforts have the best possible return on investment.

Clarify naming, messaging, and positioning:

Few things are more important to branding than consistency and clarity. Understanding how all your brand elements link together will help you to fine-tune the way you approach your clients.

Increase the flexibility of your organisation:

By establishing a powerful brand architecture, you set the stage to add new services and products to the mix as your brand grows. This means that your company becomes a modular entity that’s always expanding.

Ensure synergy between products, and divisions:

Even small brands can be complex entities. It’s not until the various components of your entity are understood and defined that they can work together efficiently towards your ultimate vision.

Improve awareness of your offerings:

When each division within your brand is clearly defined, customers can understand the unique value propositions of each of your brands and services, this can make it easier to convert leads into customers and may even improve your brand’s diversification.

Improve and build brand equity:

Ultimately, the more your company grows with the right brand architecture models, the more your brand equity will develop.


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