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Digital Elegance Nautilus Luxury Villa Phuket

Nautilus Luxury Villa Phuket -A Synthesis of Sophistication and Technology Welcome to the unveiling of Project Nautilus, a beacon of digital innovation for the esteemed Nautilus Luxury Villa Phuket. Our team at Crazy Web Studio has diligently crafted a bespoke online...

How to multi stream with Streamlabs OBS

Build your brand in Multistream with Streamlabs OBS Simultaneously broadcast to Twitch, YouTube and Facebook. We customize your Streamlabs OBS with all the best features available. Stream to all your favorite platforms at once and expand your reach. Just toggle it on...

How to Solve Error Code 43 Nvidia GTX10xx or RTX20xx Gpu Problem

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43) – Updated 2023. This issue is becoming an headache for many users, we had the same bad time and took us several hours to fix the problem, the main reason is one: Not anyone can solve the...

Because things aren’t just #000000 and #FFFFFF

Because things aren’t just #000000 and #FFFFFF You may have heard about us, you may have seen our logo somewhere, you may have heard one of our pitches – but if you live in Thailand, chances are that you’ve at least seen one of our websites in action, one that...

Image optimization for the web & How to?

Why is it important to optimize images for your website? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is one of the reasons images are so important e.g. in ecommerce. Without the customer being able to pick up, touch and inspect product, they rely heavily on...