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Sneak-peak of our most recent project

Sneak-peak of our most recent project

Ecommerce Web Girls

Sneak-peak of our most recent project

The Phuket Fight Club!

Who are they?

The Phuket Fight Club offers traditional Muay Thai training and welcomes all levels of boxers from all over the world; professionals or students alike.

What we’ve done

  • Complete Website Re-Design
  • About Us
  • Trainers & Fighters
  • Pricing Tables
  • Gallery
  • Booking & Contact Form
  • Dedicated Shop Page
  • Multi Language (English and Brazilian Portuguese 🇬🇧🇧🇷)

Do you want to have your website revamped or developed from scratch at fair prices and unparalleled quality? We create responsive, fast-loading, multi-language website to your specific needs and requirements!

Phuket Fight Club Crazywebstudio Portfolio Responsive Webdesign 500px

Take a look at our portfolio to find out more about our work

Crazy Web Studio Most Recent Project The Fight Club Phuket
Phuket Fight Club Gallery Crazywebstudio Porfolio
Phuket Fight Club Shop Crazywebstudio Porfolio
Phuket Fight Club Contact Crazywebstudio Porfolio

Our Website Portfolio

Our Website Portfolio

Logo Crazy Web Studio Png

website portfolio

We have many happy customers! That’s a fact.!

Who do we work for?

We’ve added a portfolio to our website, so you can see for yourself who we have worked with so far. Will you be the next of our satisfied customers? We hope so!

Take a look and convince yourself why we are the best choice for you when it comes to designing, building and taking care of your website:

Crazy Web Studio Phuket Responsive Web Design Our Portfolio 700px

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Mobile: +66 (0) 910 176 008
Email: info@crazywebstudio.co.th

Crazy Web Studio – All You Need Is Web (Development)

Crazy Web Studio – All You Need Is Web (Development)

Crazy Web Studio Webdesign Phuket Thailand Logo 1366px

All you need is Web (development)

Are you the owner or manager of a business in Phuket, looking to expand your customer base and receive more attention? Well, then read on!

We, from Crazy Web Studio, will develop your website and make sure you receive the right attention and business you are looking for and so much deserve.

With dozens of customers on our portfolio, we are the leading web-development company in Phuket.

We at Crazy Web Studio in Phuket provide the following services


Mobile: +66 (0) 910 176 008
Email: info@crazywebstudio.co.th

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Mobile: +66 (0) 910 176 008
Email: info@crazywebstudio.co.th

Crazy Web Studio and ILLUZION go hand in hand

Crazy Web Studio and ILLUZION go hand in hand

Crazy Web Studio Website For Illuzion Club Top33

At Crazy Web Studio in Patong, Phuket, we never stop working on the development of our clients websites. Each of our clients from near and far rely on our work and constant improvements of their online presences. We love working on these projects, no matter the task, no matter the field of business, no matter the budget.

Today we’d like to highlight one of these clients, as they’ve just managed something extraordinary; they have outranked themselves in the top 100 clubs worldwide by 33 ranks. The club that we’re talking about is ILLUZION at Patong Beach in Phuket.

If you have ever visited the club yourself, you can imagine why it is now ranked on the 48th position worldwide.

ILLUZION isn’t just a club

ILLUZION is not just any club with possibilities for dancing, singing and drinking. They wouldn’t be where they are know if they were just any regular club, offering regular experiences.

ILLUZION is also not only a small club, it’s a colossal structure with a total capacity of nothing less than 5000 standing people! 5000! That’s impressive. Added to that, visitors also find 300 exclusive VIP seats and more than 200 VIP tables to their availability.

With more than 4 international resident DJs and more than 8 international dancers, ILLUZION is one of the best entertainment Night Clubs in Thailand and definitely, by far, the top clubs on Phuket island.

If you’d like to see some pictures of the club, please click here.

To check upcoming events, so you can try out the club for yourself, please visit them here.

Proudly developed by Crazy Web Studio

We are very proud to be able to present you ILLUZION today, as we’d developed their online presence for them, to make sure, that many potential visitors could come and visit the club to try it hands on for themselves. Or shall we say, feet on? Nevertheless, the ILLUZION has done an impressive job getting to where they are now, in such a relatively short time.

We wish them all the best and we’ll continue to do our part in order to make the club shine, and be well-presented online, so they can outgrow the ranking even further, just as we strive to do for them when it comes to the online ranking. Whilst they do what they do best, we do what we do best – and that is to make businesses outshine their competitors from near and far.

Share the success of ILLUZION

We do our part to make your business outshine the local, regional and international competition. All you need is to sign up for our services, follow our procedures, and we’ll start our work with your new (or first) online presence.

As an added bonus, we can also offer you to become a part of our FlaminGO! App, which is a local directory and place to mingle for locals, expats and tourists alike. This itself is going to drive a lot of traffic to your website and visitors to your business.

If you’d like to know more about what we can offer you, just as we’ve offered ILLUZION, before they signed up with us, please feel free to get in touch here.

Crazy Web Studio Website For Illuzion Club Phuke Top33
Why you should consider us for your web project?

Why you should consider us for your web project?

Crazy Web Studio Webdesign Webproject Why You Should Consider Us For Your Next Web Project.

When you want to do business, want to be seen in the right places, at the right time and by the right people, no matter if it is for promoting your services and products locally or globally – you practically can’t get around being online in order to fulfil those targets.

Whether it is with a nice and breathtaking website – highlighting your qualities in pictures and words – an App, making it easy for customers to navigate and get the information they need in just a few swipes or clicks, or if its via a buzzling Social media presence – with Crazy Web Studio you have the right partner to achieve all this – and much more.


See, just as when you stroll down the shopping street in your home town, or during one of your travels, you’ll see a lot of competitors trying to attract the attention of potential customers. One tries to achieve this with attractive decorations and interior, the other with a lot of stickers with special offers and promotions – others again do it by handing out flyers and brochures.

There are many ways to attract the attention of potential customers, most of them outdated and ineffective. Time has changed, so has marketing and sales, so has the end-customers purchase behaviour.

This is not different online. In fact, it is even more difficult online, as you’re not limited to one shopping street with a hundred shops, but thousands and millions – all trying to gain the visitors attention, to lure them in, so they can be convinced to make a purchase.

Back to the shopping street example. If you imagine yourself in the middle of this massive number of people, trying to get past to get to your chosen shop for the day – try to reflect that to how it works online. Towns are not just towns online, cities not cities – there is a much bigger crowd to be had and reached out to, crowds to be entertained in order to woo them to come visit your business.

When you in your home town or city talk about hundreds, maybe thousands – we talk about millions online. Millions of potential customers. A huge opportunity – but also a huge task.

How do you think that your chances are without even having a shop online? That’s right. Probably next to none. Especially not with the fast pace that the online world evolves in these days.


As the saying goes “your competitor never sleeps, nor should you”, that very much applies to doing business online too. Another popular quote is this: “You snooze, you loose”. That is very applicable to doing business online too.

If you don’t constantly evolve and stay ahead of the game, updating your website, following the trends, one thing is certain – your competitor will, and you will fall behind!

Without an attractive website that is easy to navigate, or an active Social media profile, eye-catching graphics and pictures, updated Photographies, you practically don’t attain the attention of your potential customers for very long.

It’s not enough to have a web presence only. Just as with a physical shop, it needs to be kept neat and clean, tidy, freshly stocked and well-equipped. People also need to know that you exist.

If it’s not kept tidy and people don’t get to know about your existence, there certainly is a shop that is doing exactly that. You snooze, you loose.

And who really wants to miss out on opportunities and potential customers?


Crazy Web Studio is a team of enthusiastic programmers, detail-oriented graphics- and web marketing experts, who aim to establish and nurture your web presence and make your business grow online.

In the years of our companies existence, the staff of CWS received and repaid the trust of many clients.

We understand that customer satisfaction and achievements were made possible only through the willingness to dialogue, to show flexibility, expertise and a passion for all web-activities, social networks and the world of computing on a whole.

At Crazy Web Studio in Patong and Krabi, you’ll have a partner for all your web-based needs. No matter if you are in need of a new website, an App, a 360 degree Panorama of your shop, graphic artwork, Photography, content management, translation or Social media marketing, we can provide you with an end to end service for all your unique needs. No matter the field you are working in, we can offer a tailored solution befitting each individual need.

If you’d like to see some of our recent projects, please visit our portfolio page here.

Interested to get started? Check out our prices here.

With Crazy Web Studio you’ll have the right partner for every project that you have in mind.

We have an extensive experience and a big passion for what we do. Your success is our passion! Let’s get started!