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Content Strategy & Copywriting

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Copywriting & Content Strategy services

Help potential customers engage with your business with the help of a sizable content strategy!

Are you looking for content with that certain WOW-factor that helps engage your target audience and potential new customers? Then you’ve landed on the right page!

At Crazy Web Studio in Phuket, we know all too well that Content is King, as it captures the attention of potential customers from the get-go and increases the chance of getting conversions.

The internet is a fast moving phenomenon that is spell-bounding an ever-increasing amount of people. With the internet of things, it has never been so easy to be able to offer practically anything, from information to products and services; locally, regionally as well as internationally.
With big opportunities however comes big competition, and standing out from the crowd
can become quite difficult. To truly stand out from your competition, you need good and compelling content; content that engages potential customers, and content that sells.

In short, your business need a good Content Strategy with compelling text and visual content. Having a good and proven Content Strategy is a well-made investment, that quickly pays off.

Visual identity doesn’t stop with nice graphics and images; it also stretches to having the right textual content that helps your target audience stay longer on your website.

Good content is proven to keep potential customers stay 25% longer on your website, as they’re more likely to browse through other content if they like what they read.

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Can I afford a Content Strategy?

Yes, absolutely! Contrary to the popular belief, good content doesn’t have to cost you all too much, really. In fact, you’d be surprised how low our charges are!

Integrating high-quality, professional content into your marketing strategy may seem unattainable — but it’s really not. One of the advantages of working with Crazy Web Studio’s team is access to our many in-house specialists — including content writing experts.

From the typing of the first characters to the development of your first content strategy, we’ll gladly help you achieve the goals we set together. Our copywriting team will work with you to put together a content strategy that makes sense for your business and marketing goals.

Want to see some examples? Feel free to get in touch!