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Food Delivery Website

Your customized food order and delivery

Food Delivery Website

This website will allow your business to increase the sells, for many reasons. Allow the to Order your preferred meal, with our delivery system.Very easy to use, and 100% mobile friendly. Including a very fast way to add extras.
Make Your order in few clicks.

Online Food ordering and manager YES
Admin create Food and manage order easily YES
List of food product dedicated for online sales YES
Built-in cart & checkout page YES
Possibility to add remove product in base of availability YES
Possibility to add EXTRAS for selected dish YES
Possibility to choose Size of the dish YES
Paypal ready + Pay with Debit or Credit Card + Cash on delivery YES
100% mobile ready and simple use YES
Record of the users emails for future news letters YES
Record of the sales and product sale amount YES

  • Grid Style full width 4 products per line
  • Possibility to have max 5 product per line.
  • Direct Food Selection
  • Featured Product
  • Mobile easy view
  • Cart in control always visible
Crazy Web Studio Phuket Food Delivery Website
Crazy Web Studio Phuket Food Delivery Website EXTRA TOPPINGS

CART and Check Out

  • Cart easy fast view
  • Cart Dedicated view
  • Possibility to change quantity and remove products easily inside the Cart
  • Requested Form information
  • Line and Whats App extra in case of share location necessary for the delivery
  • Review of the order
  • Email send to User and Admin
  • Order Status available, Received, On Process, Completed
Crazy Web Studio Phuket Food Delivery Website Checkout
Crazy Web Studio Phuket Food Delivery Website Final Checkout


For the multilanguage we can provide two different solutions:

Automatic google translated text with a plugin, this allows you to have multiple languages to choose.

Another way is to have a real translator plugin, that needs to have a real translation, and this mean for each language we will need to add all the text for each block of the page.

This is an example of what you can see in your page, do not care about color and design, can be better than this old sample.

Crazy Web Studio Phuket Real Estate Website Multy Language

Direct Social Chat Button

Multi Chat button that be connected to the following platforms::

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • LINE
  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Call Now
  • Send Email

This plugin is very useful to contact a dedicated smartphone/tablet for business to collect all chat leads.

Crazy Web Studio Phuket Real Estate Website Chat Button