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08 HOTELS & BOOKING ENGINE manage you booking in your website

Hotel Booking Engine

Booking Engine for Hotels

At Crazy Web Studio, we believe in keeping things simple; that is why we use Simple Booking, a modern and innovative hotel solution template purpose-built to meet the needs of hotels worldwide. This hotel booking engine is not only a booking engine for Thailand but can be adapted for any hotel regardless of if they have 20 or 400 rooms! It allows hoteliers to retake control of their bookings, potentially saving them 20% in commission when bookings are placed on other platforms such as Agoda or booking.com.

The great thing about this booking engine solution is that your guests get the same great deals, but you earn more revenue. The booking engine for Phuket, for example, allows you to offer discounts when bookings are made directly via your website. You can adjust your prices to match demand, increasing occupancy rates and profitability.

What are the Benefits of Using a Hotel Booking Engine?

Our booking engine solution empowers hoteliers to maximise their revenue while cutting out comparison websites. The booking engine for Thailand also provides an enhanced experience for the end-user as making a booking is straightforward.

Central Distribution System

By using this booking engine in Phuket, you can still accept bookings from other sales channels, so you don’t have to be concerned about double bookings. It saves time and money, reducing back-office work and allowing you to focus on your guests’ needs.

Detailed Reports & Forecasts

The Simple Booking hotel booking engine gives you detailed reports and forecasts. By choosing the most appropriate metrics, you can use the data to develop a strategy to improve your revenue a get a rapid return on your purchase.

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Booking Engine For Hotels 3
Booking Engine For Hotels 2

Channel Manager for hotels

Hotel Channel Manager

We use a state-of-the-art hotel channel manager called IREV. It helps you as the hotelier control all your bookings across different platforms, giving you all the information you need on one system. You will no longer need Excel spreadsheets that require data to be entered manually, which increases the possibility of human error. IREV will save you time and money and is renowned for being a fast, secure, and powerful piece of software.

Our hotel channel manager will allow you to update room rates and availability via your PMS or hotel booking engine, and IREV will ensure that these updates are applied to all platforms. It ensures continuity and allows you to control all platforms from one place. You can update your information on OLTAs, GDS, IDS, wholesalers, mobile apps, major meta searches, and social networks at once. Finally, you will have time to relax, let the stress slip away, and watch your business grow!

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