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App Development  Services in Phuket

Mobile Application Development

Crazy Web Studio is the leading mobile app development company in Phuket, Thailand. The mobile app market has been continually growing for several year, so it is essential nowadays that you make your content accessible from all these devices. Our APP developers in Phuket guaranty that your mobile app is suitable for Android and iOS devices, meaning that your content will be available to all users and guarantees you can reach out to your target audience.

App Development Web Company Phuket

We Develop Native App from Scratch


Cross Plateform Technologie

We develop mobile apps using Flutter SDK, a cross-platform framework which is among the most powerful and advanced in the world. It is the only way to achieve optimal performance of a native app.


Native Android Application

Although we use single base code, we offer a native Android app that uses the phone’s native functionality, such as camera access, geolocalisation, and web view.

Apple (1)

Native IOS Application

Along with the Android, CWS also offers an IOS app that utilises native features and native Cupertino components specific to Apple devices, facilitating an improved user experience.


Hand coded from scratch

The creative thinking, design, coding, and testing are all done in-house. From the initial idea to the finished article, every aspect has been completed by industry professionals.

Target both market IOS & Android

We are developing our app using the cross plateform technologie, Flutter.

Flutter is an open source framework by Google for building beautiful, natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase.

Save monay on the development ! We use the same codebase for both pateform.

Flutter Mobile App Developement Phuket

One experience

Release simultaneously on iOS and Android with feature parity for the best experience for all users.

Flutter Mobile App Developement Phuket 6

No limit

Using the latest technology, we can do everything on your behalf, meaning the only limit is your imagination!

Flutter Mobile App Developement Phuket 5

All mobile on day one

Reach your full addressable market from day one by targeting users in both ecosystems from a single codebase.

Flutter Mobile App Developement Phuket 3