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We Attracted Phuket News Attention

We Attracted Phuket News Attention

The significant milestone of 10 years in business for Crazy Web Studio attracted the attention of local media as the company’s celebrations were featured in the Phuket News, the most popular local...

Crazy Web Company 10 Years Anniversary

Crazy Web Company 10 Years Anniversary

dWe believe that longevity is one of the best indicators of a business’ strength, and this is particularly relevant when it comes to web design and web development. Indeed, only in the last few...

We’re still here for you! – Covid19

We’re still here for you! – Covid19

In these tough and challenging times, where the COVID-19 pandemic is occupying our very thoughts and minds, we at Crazy Web Studio in Phuket, are very much aware of the ongoing challenges for companies. With our help, you can use this time to rebuild, rebrand and restructure your online-business.

New Website? You dream it, we make it a reality!

New Website? You dream it, we make it a reality!

You need a new website? You’ve come to the right place. You need to develop a new app? Perhaps a new business brand identity? We’re here to help. With Crazy Web Studio, you have a company that is with you, always, whenever needed, no matter the project. Big or small, we help you solve it all!

3D Design & Rendering Services in Phuket

3D Design & Rendering Services in Phuket

A look from the has never felt and looked so real! No, what you see on these images aren’t real pictures, but very close! This, in fact, is a recent 3D Photorealistic Exterior Design project we have just completed showcasing a Villa!
As the saying goes: The quality is in the details!

Rice Kata Beach – Rooms & Apartment for Rent

?▶ Rice Kata Beach – Rooms & Apartment for Rent ◀ ? Who are they?
Rice offers comfortable rooms and apartment for rent at affordable prices in a quiet area in Kata Beach, Phuket. It most definitely worth a visit!

Sneak-peak of our most recent project

Sneak-peak of our most recent project The Phuket Fight Club! Who are they? The Phuket Fight Club offers traditional Muay Thai training and welcomes all levels of boxers from all over the world;...

E-Commerce Development Company in Phuket

E-commerce can be a blessing or a nightmare, really! You can either create massive success, or massive debt! How to know which route determines success, you ask yourself? Well, you need three...

3D Design and Rendering in Phuket – The Right Way

How 3D Rendering can help your property development business? There are many businesses, where a 3D model can be a huge improvement of the overall product. If you would like to present some...

SEM & Pay Per click For Your Business in Phuket

KEYWORDS: THE FOUNDATION OF SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Keywords are the foundation of search engine marketing. When a users type a keyword into search engine to find what they’re looking for, it should...

Represent your business on Social Media

Represent your business on Social Media In today’s world, everybody uses and engages on Social Media and so are you most likely, if you are reading these lines! ? People love to read about places...


Welcome back Marco....or Drake! This fine gentleman, our very own Marco Drake Ragogna, the true brain behind all the exciting web-development projects we have launched over the past few years, has...

Special Website Price June/July

Have you seen our crazy June/July offer? If you act now, you can still get: A complete one-page mobile responsive website created (based on WordPress) A website designed to graphically match your...

Computer Workstation to Power Your Business

PC Workstation machines that can power your business. Crazy Web Studio just renewed the team work stations and we decided to write a comparison article dedicated to let you understand pricing and...

Our Website Portfolio

We have many happy customers! That’s a fact.! Who do we work for? We’ve added a portfolio to our website, so you can see for yourself who we have worked with so far. Will you be the next of our...

Your very own, unique QR-code

Your very own, unique QR-code We all know QR-codes. Those little black and white stamps or stickers that, when scanned, bring you to a certain website. Have you seen them before? We bet you have!...

Crazy Web Studio and ILLUZION go hand in hand

At Crazy Web Studio in Patong, Phuket, we never stop working on the development of our clients websites. Each of our clients from near and far rely on our work and constant improvements of their...

Developing Mobile Applications @ Crazy Web Studio

Here at Crazy Web Studio in Phuket we are never idle. We are constantly working on designing and developing websites, fully integrated E-commerce Web-shops, Graphic Design projects, Social Media...


What is a blockchain? In short, a blockchain is a public ledger used to record and monitor the transactions of bitcoins. Again, not a central authority, but instead see it as a network of...

FlaminGO! – The App for your stay in Phuket

FlaminGO! The Phuket APP FlaminGO! The Phuket App is about to air in just a few more days. Exciting news are coming to Phuket, to all its businesses, locals, expats and visitors alike. This is not...

Why you should consider us for your web project?

When you want to do business, want to be seen in the right places, at the right time and by the right people, no matter if it is for promoting your services and products locally or globally – you...

Because things aren’t just #000000 and #FFFFFF

You may have heard about us, you may have seen our logo somewhere, you may have heard one of our pitches - but if you live in Thailand, chances are that you’ve at least seen one of our websites in...