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06 FlaminGO! Phuket Travel app in Phuket

What we have done :

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Mobile App Project

Developing a mobile app for Flamingo! Phuket presented a challenge that excited our design team. As the first fully integrated mobile app about events, nightlife, travel, and services in Phuket, we understood the market potential for an app of this type and created a customized design accordingly. The app was designed with ease of use in mind and incorporated some complex design aspects, including:

  • Integrated map and location tracker to allow users to see exact distances to places around Phuket
  • Directory style interface with clear categories for users to explore
  • User chat feature, allowing app users to communicate about events and places in Phuket
  • Multi-language interface for international tourists

A major aspect of this mobile app project was the customization of branded colors that make the text easier to read on mobile devices and provide a vibrant background while browsing the app.

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IOS and Android

Designing, coding, and testing this mobile app was the first phase of our project with Flamingo! Phuket. After the design and testing phases, we needed to ensure the app was compliant with all regulations so that it could be released on the iOS Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Our team tweaked the app to customize it for each operating system, ensuring Apple users and Android users alike enjoyed a seamless experience while using the mobile app. The Flamingo! Phuket app is now available to download on both iOS and Android.

Flamingo Website Phuket App
Flamingo Website Phuket App 1

Custom App Developement

Our custom app development team personalized every aspect of the Flamingo! Phuket mobile app to reflect the brand and ensure a great user experience. From the app icon – a dark background with bright and vivid purple for the border and logo – to the landing page on the app, inner pages with large, easy to read typeface, and general navigation, our team custom developed everything. Users exploring the map section of the app can also enjoy customized icons to locate people, places, and events.

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Several integrations, Tours, bookings, Crypto Payments and more…

No matter whether you own or manage a small or large company in Thailand or abroad, we’ll make sure that your website presence is sharp and clear at all times. No matter what you want to have included, we make sure that it becomes reality. We set you in the right light, present and highlight your strengths and the opportunities you bring to the table.
Throughout the years, we have become the most trusted web agency in Phuket, a fact that we are very proud of. We’ve developed websites for all kinds of companies, locally in Phuket, nationally in Thailand – but also internationally to all corners of the world.

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