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Shirts Website E-commerce

Crazy Web Studio has worked effortlessly with top Italian brand Vittorio Marchesi to produce a website that reflects their brand and emphasis on refined simplicity. The site is clear and concise, with much of the homepage using images illustrating their products. The simple design may seem easy to produce but requires our designers to create something that immediately grabs the viewers’ attention.
To enhance the user’s experience, size guides and helpful suggestions are also available, allowing customers to make comparisons and complete the sales process. Usability is central to the design and success of the websites, with emphasis placed on a smooth transaction process to encourage customers to return. Naturally, users can create an account, making future transactions straightforward.
As this is a global online retailer, the site requires a sophisticated and secure platform that offers maximum security with all user details being encrypted. In this case, we have opted to use the e-commerce platform, WooCommerce, a platform that is suitable for local or international retailers with WordPress plugins. It is a straightforward plugin that can be customised to meet the needs of your website and surpass the expectations of your customers.

Vittorio Marchesie E Commerce 2

E-commerce Feature

Integrating a user-friendly and stylish e-commerce feature into this shirts website was one of the main targets for our web development team. We wanted to showcase the quality of Vittorio Marchesi’s shirts while also making it easy for users to navigate various categories, find more detail about each shirt, and complete the checkout process without abandoning the cart.

On the shop page, we implemented a sidebar with checkboxes to easily filter shirts by a range of variations in addition to showcases each product with custom photos and prices. The checkout process was designed to be easy to use for all website visitors.

Vittorio Marchesie E Commerce
Vittorio Marchesie E Commerce 1

Custom Graphic Design

To properly showcase the luxuriousness of the brand and quality of the shirts, we used our graphic design team to create fully customized graphics throughout the website. From the homepage hero image, throughout the inner pages, and on every product listing, the images were carefully designed to focus the user attention on the quality of the brand.

Consistency throughout the shop was essential with every featured product image presented in a similar way to help customers easily compare shirt designs.

Vittorio Marchesi Ecommerce Woo Commerce

Beautiful Design Fully Responsive

No matter whether you own or manage a small or large company in Thailand or abroad, we’ll make sure that your website presence is sharp and clear at all times. No matter what you want to have included, we make sure that it becomes reality. We set you in the right light, present and highlight your strengths and the opportunities you bring to the table.
Throughout the years, we have become the most trusted web agency in Phuket, a fact that we are very proud of. We’ve developed websites for all kinds of companies, locally in Phuket, nationally in Thailand – but also internationally to all corners of the world.

We provide one-page to multiple page websites with a large range of custom features, fully mobile optimized, responsive – on every device. With that, your customers will always be able to get exactly the information they’re looking for – all around the clock.

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