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Mega World Asia

Crazy Web Studio has an extensive range of clients, having worked on numerous websites for multinational organisations, or in this case, an individual wishing to share their adventures. The website owner is Mark, an Australian who has embarked on several journeys, typically on his motorbike, throughout Southeast Asia. He has produced fascinating guides which are available to download by users wishing to follow in his footsteps. Naturally, to make the website appealing and capture readers’ imagination, it needs stunning photographs strategically placed throughout the site.

The website is extremely easy to navigate and shows some of the spectacular landscapes he has witnessed. Of course, we have optimised all the images to make them SEO friendly, with other organic SEO work conducted. However, as this is a niche market, we must also use Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. In this case, we used Google Ads to target the correct audience, people interested in travelling in Southeast Asia and to whom the guides would be appropriate. It involves significant research to use Mark’s marketing budget efficiently.

Mega World Asia has no physical stores, so all sales are made via their website. It needs to use a safe and trusted e-commerce platform that is cost-effective and can be applied to WordPress websites. Once again, we have selected WooCommerce as, after discussions with Mark, we believe that it is the most appropriate solution. The checkout process is painless, ensuring that the transaction process is straightforward. “Call to Actions” are also strategically placed to simplify the sales process.

What we have done:

  • Complete Website Re-Design
  • Dedicate Shop Page with Product Filters
  • WooCommerce based platform in Catalog Mode
  • Paypal and other payment gateways
  • Multiple Pdf tour guide Pages
  • FAQ
  • Contact Forms
  • Hosting
  • Performance Optimization


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