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Shot Connect Magazine

SHOT CONNECT is a luxury FREE magazine, with 2 Issue in a year, distributed strategically among the most sophisticated and luxurious locations.

The main articles talks about: Fashion // Design // Models // Motors // Hotels // Locations // Countries // Food // Luxury // Art And is distributed in: Italy – Venice – Rome – Milano // France – Paris // England – London // Czech Republic – Prague // Russia – Moscow // Spain – Gran Canaria// Switzerland – Lugano and now Thailand – Phuket soon Bangkok and Kuala Lampur and we are working to get also Singapore and Hong Kong for this year. In all these countries we deliver the same magazine, the main reason is to let the people see different locations of the world and make them involve World Wide.

We provide the graphic solution with the highest standards and we provide also the highest quality for printing caring also for example the paper (soft touch glossy) and the details handmade Wire Binding are the best available, the printing quality can’t be found in Asia, for this reason all the copies are printed in Italy and we ship the copies worldwide to our distributor partner.

Actually we print 35’000 next issue 45’000 or up to 50’000, in 3 languages, English, Russian, Italian. Most of the copies are in English language, only some representatives are in Italian and Russian.

We gives to the client the EXCLUSIVITY to be unique in his country, for example the client should be choose for categories of business, usually we publish one location for kind: Resort, Hotel, night life location, beach club, yacht company etc..

We have a strong distribution list of location, but mainly we work creating Events to promote the magazine as better we can.


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