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Crazy Web Studio has worked effortlessly with top Italian brand Vittorio Marchesi to produce a website that reflects their brand and emphasis on refined simplicity. The site is clear and concise, with much of the homepage using images illustrating their products. The seemingly simple design with “call to actions” (CTAs) encourages buyers to make a purchase with a list of products that are currently available immediately displayed.

To enhance the user’s experience, size guides and helpful suggestions are also available, allowing customers to make comparisons and complete the sales process. Usability is central to the design and success of the websites, with emphasis placed on a smooth transaction process to encourage customers to return. Naturally, users can create an account, making future transactions straightforward.

As this is a global online retailer, the site requires a sophisticated and secure platform that offers maximum security with all user details being encrypted. In this case, we have opted to use the e-commerce platform, WooCommerce, a platform that is suitable for local or international retailers with WordPress plugins. It is a straightforward plugin that can be customised to meet the needs of your website and surpass the expectations of your customers.

Google Pay is also available to make completing the transfers efficient and painless! Prices on this website are shown in Euros, but multiple currencies can be used. Of course, Crazy Web Studio has also optimised the site, researching keywords and phrases, building high-quality links, and utilising sophisticated coding and completing other “back end” SEO work. The SEO element can be an ongoing package that we offer to all new and existing clients.

What we have done:

  • Complete Website Re-Design
  • Dedicate Shop Page with Product Filters
  • WooCommerce based platform in Catalog Mode
  • Google Pay and other payment gateways
  • Multiple Collections Pages
  • FAQ
  • Contact Forms
  • Hosting
  • Performance Optimization


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