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Tailored Real Estate Website

From the last reports 51% of buyers found their homes on the internet, 30% found homes through an agent, and a dwindling 7% discovered their eventual home through friends or other connections.
This should tell you one thing: if you’re a Real Estate Company in Phuket or also in other locations, you don’t just need to be on the internet, you need to have the right real estate website.

Crazy Web Studio, developed a custom template dedicated for the real estate that allows our client to have the perfect solution, easy to use, update and absolutely at the right price!

Your website will be also mobile friendly as the new standards as you can see in the video.

Remember also that you will be able to add remove listings by your own without our support because a dedicated guideline provided with videos will show you HOW TO DO.

Here below we listed most of the Frequently Asked Question from our clients

Are you using WordPress for the template/system or?

Yes we use WordPress as original structure, this due to the fact that after our clients feel better to manage it. Details in next questions..

Can you provide a few property sales websites if you have done such before so we can see a reference?

Yes you can see the platform we developed for the Real Estate, this mean that we created a template that we can customize the design buy us, with a back-end designed for the companies use. This are 3 examples, i want to underline, that at the moment the companies are doing modifications by them self, and sometime without following properly the procedure, so if you find any issue…. is not because of us! =)
(we provide the service to add properties for the clients also)

1 –
2 –
3 –

Does the website come with a back of the house system so we can easily upload and update listings ourselves in the future?

Yes you will be able to update properties, add properties, and remove properties, everything by yourself, we provide video guide that allows you to do everything.
Website structure modifications of the page as to be done by us, to do not create any malfunction of the website.

Would it be possible to sit down on location here in Phuket with one of your team to fully learn how to operate the website as well as provide some feedback/comments to the actual design and features that we like to have?

Absolutely Yes this is our office location in Patong Phuket. LOCATION LINK.
We are available everyday Monday to Friday from 10:30 AM to 18:30 PM.

Crazy Web Studio Office Phuket

My new website will be Mobile friendly?

Absolutely yes, you can check using one of our website, example: or watch the video that you find here in this page.

Any other things that you can mention about the website that you can build for us that you feel is good for us to know, could be anything from SEO to any other features you feel is worth mentioning.
  •  SEO, in each property and each page we can perform SEO optimization, there are 2 steps, one is a preliminary SEO that can be included with the development of the website, using properly the Components as YoastSEO for each page to increase the scores, and second step is to go in details to increase your positioning for google, we have several business cases that we can show you for the clients we are following.
    Remember that Real Estate business is with high competitors so is important to have it.
  • We are also very good in Adwords campaigns and we can schedule also that if you have interest.
  • Copy-writing, we have in house the possibility to write articles and news for your website to increase your SEO score, and use the after our article to send NEWS letters to your mail listing to update and collect possible clients.
  • We follow also social pages as: Fecebook. Instagram, google business. We offer a packages also for this service in case of interest.
We would like to discuss about the budget, can you give us some price?
  • Another consideration is do you want to start with a package of properties listed or not? Because in this case you will have the possibility to decrease a lot our fees.
  • We can deliver you the website with 1 condo, 1 villa, 1 project for example and then you will add all the listing.
    But if you want to have them inserted professionally in details and with a preliminary SEO is better you use our company to insert them.
  • Another thing to consider is the amount of properties you need to have, do you have any idea?
  • After this my last question, you will have only SALES or also RENT? thins change also the plans.
  • The website will be only in ENGLISH or you will require more languages?

All the features you will be able to have with our system:

Compare your listings

Compare your properties with 1 click, allow the users to check multiple properties up to 4 in the same time to see the differences between each other. The compare forms can be changed in base of request.

Crazy Web Studio Phuket Real Estate Website Campare Listing

Custom Locations Map

We can create a custom map to add in the home page where you can click the areas of Phuket and automatically see the properties of that areas, with the normal search engine you are able to see only 1 location per time.

With this map/software will be easier to see multiple areas immediately

This I an example of what you can see in your page, do not care about color and design, can be better than this old sample.

Crazy Web Studio Phuket Real Estate Website Custom Map

Multi Language

For the multi-language we can provide 2 solutions:
Automatic google translated text with a plugin, this allows you to have multiple languages to choose.

Another way is to have a real translator plugin, that needs to have a real translation, and this mean for each language we will need to add all the text for each block of the page. 

This I an example of what you can see in your page, do not care about color and design, can be better than this old sample.

Crazy Web Studio Phuket Real Estate Website Multy Language

Direct Social Chat Button 

Multy Chat button to have a contact with the following platforms:
– Whatsapp
– Facebook page Chat
– Call Now
– Send Email

This plugin is very usefull to contact 1 smartphone dedicated for business where all the chat leads will be redirect.
This plugin can decrease a bit the speed performance of the page.

Crazy Web Studio Phuket Real Estate Website Chat Button