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Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Website Design.

Restaurant website design is a key part of your marketing plan. A great website for your restaurant helps customers find out about your business, what days you are open, and what’s on the menu. High-quality, professional restaurant websites can give you the edge over your competitors, highlighting your business to the world and attracting new customers.

At Crazy Web Studio, we have vast experience creating stunning, attractive, and user-friendly restaurant websites for a wide range of eateries across Thailand and globally. When creating a professional website for restaurants, it is essential to consider several factors that will reinforce your brand and drive new business to your restaurant. While the website should be simple and easy to navigate, it should also place your menu at the forefront so users can clearly see the mouthwatering dishes on offer.

One of our specialties is creating digital responsive menus for restaurant websites. These menus beautifully display your appetizers, starters, main courses, desserts, and drinks on any device, enticing customers to come and try the real thing! Another advantage of our custom-built digital responsive menus is the ability to showcase daily, weekly, or specific-time specials and deals.

While the menu should always be the centerpiece of any high-quality restaurant website, other important factors are at play. Among these is the consistency between your website and physical restaurant location. At Crazy Web Studio, we work closely to understand your restaurant brand, mission, and voice to implement it across your website. This includes the color scheme, content writing, photo display style, and much more. In addition to the tone of your restaurant website, we can also implement advanced features such as booking systems that sync with an on-site calendar and allow guests to reserve tables directly on the website.

Designing a fully customized, beautiful restaurant website for your business is a surefire way to stand out from the crows. It provides the opportunity to give customers a true feel of what they can experience and establishes your brand online to a larger audience. Restaurant websites drive growth as part of an overall marketing strategy and are the perfect way to digitalize your menu and bring your restaurant into the modern era. With fully customized and bespoke restaurant website design services, Crazy Web Studio is the perfect partner to bring your restaurant business online!

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Unique Designs & Advanced Features

At Crazy Web Studio in Phuket, we specialize in creating bespoke, tailor-made websites for your corporation, but what makes us stand out?

Digital Responsive Menu

The most important feature of any restaurant website is the showcasing of your menu and at Crazy Web Studio we specialize in creating stunning, customized digital responsive menus. A digital responsive menu is a combination of images, dish names, and prices that are displayed in a format like a real menu. This allows visitors to your website to get a true feel for the cuisine on offer and browse your menu freely in their own time. The responsiveness of the menu ensures it looks stunning on any device – desktop computers, mobile devices, or tablets.

Integrated Booking Systems

Another specialty of our restaurant website designs is the advanced booking system engine. While displaying your menu, gallery, and restaurant information is a great way to entice customers to visit your restaurant, an advanced booking engine can secure that visit! Our systems are custom-built and sync with your on-site computer to ensure that table reservations do not clash and are updated in real time. This makes it easier for customers to book their spot at your restaurant and convert website visitors into customers.

Web Studio Phuket Restaurant Website Digital Menu
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