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06 WEB DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT we work with everyone!

Web Design  Services in Phuket

Web Design & Development.

Are you looking for a new website? Maybe even your very first? At Crazy Web Studio in Phuket, Thailand, we are happy to provide you with proven results that follow the best practices of websites in 2024. From web design, web development to the right content, to go with it, we are the web agency you’ve been looking for – guaranteed!

Who do we work for? Could we be a potential match?

From new entrepreneurs with great and revolutionary ideas, small to medium-sized companies, restaurants, real estate agencies, hotels or large corporations – we work with everyone!

Small/ Medium Business Websites

No matter whether you own or manage a small or large company in Thailand or abroad, we’ll make sure that your website presence is sharp and clear at all times. No matter what you want to have included, we make sure that it becomes reality. We set you in the right light, present and highlight your strengths and the opportunities you bring to the table.
Throughout the years, we have become the most trusted web agency in Phuket, a fact that we are very proud of. We’ve developed websites for all kinds of companies, locally in Phuket, nationally in Thailand – but also internationally to all corners of the world.

We provide one-page to multiple page websites with a large range of custom features, fully mobile optimized, responsive – on every device. With that, your customers will always be able to get exactly the information they’re looking for – all around the clock.

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Coorporate Company Website Illuzion

Large Corporate Websites

Our portfolio consists of several large corporations that we have provided web development to over the years. We have developed a multitude of features, custom development, payment gateways – you name it. These corporate companies have chosen us for a reason – our flexibility, relentless attitude and drive. We make it happen, nothing less. Throughout our collaboration with these corporate companies in Phuket, Thailand and the world, we have grown a great understanding for what is needed. Additionally to the best practices in web design and custom development on the market, we also have our own set of practices that ensure great results. We develop your website towards your target audience. Great Click Through Rates, leads and conversions? Check. A professional, yet versatile appearance? Check. Allow us to make your website the lead magnet of tomorrow.

Restaurants Websites

Do you own or manage a restaurant, looking for ways to attract more customers to visit and experience your place? A website as a base for great marketing is a great start. No matter whether your target audience comes from nearby in Phuket, all around Thailand or abroad, our web company in Phuket will make sure to present your business just right. With our out-of-the-box web design solutions, we stop the scroll and put an end to the constant search for the right restaurant to dine in. We develop your website from scratch, or use a preferred template of your choice, we present your menu virtually, in the right light. We inform your customers about why they should pay your restaurant a visit and your delicious food makes them regular customers coming back for years to come.

Restaurant Web Design Development
Real Estate Agency Treasure Thailand

Real Estate Agencies Websites

When it comes to real estate agencies, we can look back on an extensive portfolio of agencies we’ve worked with in Phuket. From comparison features to custom locations, multi-language platforms and social chat functionalities, we’ve developed it all.
Our web design and web development solutions have brought many new tenants and owners to Phuket and opened doors to new investment opportunities to people living in, or having an interest in Phuket, or Thailand. Our proven methods provide real estate agencies like yours with a state of the art website, fully optimized, responsive and in a language your potential customer is well-versed in. We present all sorts of apartments, houses, villas or business locations in just the right setting, featuring all the highlights in the perfect light, from the right angle. Does that sound interesting? Should you want to know more about what we can offer when it comes to real estate websites, feel free to read HERE.

Hotels Websites

Are you planning to open a new hotel in Phuket? Perhaps you already own or manage one? No matter which situation you are currently in, we have the right solution at your disposal. Respectable, intuitive, fresh and vibrant – those are just some of the synonyms your visitors will be left with after having paid your website a visit. Our web agency in Phuket makes sure to present everything from rooms to staff, amenities, exteriors and more in a way that will make visitors go longing for vacation, or straight up pack their bags, en route to the airport. We stand ready with one-on-one support with all your requirements, no matter whether you are looking for a custom booking engine, or a simple, yet responsive website that presents the highlights of your hotel. Multi-language features, map locations, easy chat features, those are just of the few plug-ins we provide you access to and control of. Get in touch today for a free consultation and we get your hotel website off the ground in no time.

Hotel Website Hotel Carlton
Vittorio Marchesi E Commerce Website In Phuket

E-Commerce Websites

Do you have a great idea for an e-commerce that you want to get lifted to new horizons? Maybe you have just the right product that you want to present to the world? Perhaps, you are even planning something big with hundreds of products? Whether you have a small or big ambition, we gladly assist you with making the dream become reality. Our web company in Phuket is well-experienced setting up webshops, locally in Phuket, nationally in Thailand or globally, ready to make your brand become a household name worldwide.
We are with you all the way, from web design, web development, digital marketing as well as the right go-to market strategy. We develop your webshop in such a way that you can easily manage and update it yourself, if need be.

Booking System for Gyms with Timetable

Introducing our state-of-the-art booking system for gyms, developed by CrazyWebStudio, a solution that enhances your fitness journey. This advanced booking system for gyms allows you to plan your workout sessions conveniently and also process payments securely online.

Incorporating multiple user-friendly features, our booking system for gyms ensures that every workout session you book is just a click away, making gym management simple, efficient, and user-centric. This platform is designed to make transactions easy and secure, and we have tailored it to incorporate any payment gateway of your preference.

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Which technologies are used to develop a website?

At Crazy Web Studio in Phuket, we are experienced in almost any technology you can imagine or have ever heard of. From WordPress to custom-coding, we do it all. Really, it depends on our customers’ preferences. Mainly, we use WordPress and Shopify. Why? Because that is the technology our customers feel most confident in using for regular content management and other updates. With confidence and a system that is easy to grasp, there is a lesser need for ongoing development – and that means more ready cash for other plans and ideas. What’s not to like?


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